Today there are lots of people resigned to the fact that they must spend the last years of their lives alone. Most of these old people live on a pension that barely pays for the most spartan of lifestyles. Many of them are World War II veterans and the irony is a sad one. Men and women, who fought for the welfare of the generations to come, now live in abject poverty.

The program is arranged in cooperation with the Moscow Government, the Moscow Committee of Education and the Moscow Athletic and Health Association.

In May 1998 HOPE worldwide – Moscow in cooperation with the Marfino District Council established a charity soup kitchen called the “Old friend’s home”. The title is not accidental. The purpose of the program is to help the elderly build friendships with each other and with the volunteers at the soup kitchen. Activities are organized and the senior citizens are also so encouraged to volunteer to help each other. This is a simple program designed to enable these people to age with dignity and companionship.