Our mission is to recruit, motivate, train and mobilize volunteers to deliver critically needed information and services that support ongoing programs for orphans and seniors. Global Outreach strives to inspire ongoing volunteer participation to help meet the physical and emotional needs of disadvantaged children and adults.

Eight years ago we organized the Children Sports Festival “Hope” in cooperation with Moscow Government, Moscow Committee of Education and Moscow Athletic and Health Association. We started it in order to unify the children from orphanages. This festival was designed to help these children feel needed, to bring happiness and joy to their lives and to give them the opportunity to fall in love with sport.

The Sports Festival has developed into an annual occasion. About 5000 children from more than 90 Moscow orphanages take part in the Sports Festival every year with the help of more than 1000 volunteers.

During the Sports Festival orphans become friends with volunteers. We then developed the program “Day of hope” to help this friendship grow. Every month within the frames of the program volunteers visit their new friends in the orphanages, celebrating birthdays with them, playing different games and having fun.