HOPE worldwide – Russia was founded in March, 1996. HOPE worldwide – Russia is an independent charity organization. The mission of the Fund is to help orphans, disadvantaged children, and to support pensioners and veterans of war.


March 1996

HOPE worldwide – Russia was registered in Moscow.

April 1996

“City of Hope” was the first program. It was started at Orphanage #15, in the South East region of Moscow.

September 1996

The first Sports Festival “Hope” was held for orphans and disadvantaged children. 3000 children and 600 volunteers took part in the Sports Festival and Michael Jackson was a special guest.

November 1996

The “Happy Birthday” program began. Every month children from the orphanages received gifts for their Birthdays and took part in various entertainment programs.

May 1998

The “Old friend’s home” program began. This is a soup kitchen for lonely and needy veterans and pensioners of the “Marfino” district in the North East region of Moscow.

November 1998

The Kid’s Club “the City of Hope” was opened in “Marfino”. The guests of the club are children from Orphanage # 36 as well as kids from poor and needy families in the district.

November 1999

Special equipment was installed at the “Old friend’s home” in “Marfino” to extend capacity so that hot meals could be served to 60-70 pensioners daily.

April 2000

The “Future without drugs” charity day was held. The main purpose of the day was to distribute information booklets. About 30,000 brochures were distributed. 1000 volunteers took part in the event.

October 2000

The “Old friend’s home” soup kitchen is again improved to extend capacity so that 110 veterans and pensioners can be served.

Febuary 2001

The charity event “We are one family – Russia” was held in cooperation with the Government of Moscow, “World of social progress” All-Russian society of invalids, and UNICEF. It took place at the “Olympisky” Sports Centre. The event included a concert featuring performances by Russian pop stars and circus artists. 8000 children from Moscow orphanages and approximately 2000 volunteers took part.

May 2001

For the first time the Children’s Sports Festival “Hope” was held at the Luzhniki stadium. More than 5000 children from 91 orphanages took part in the Sports Festival. The event was dedicated to the 5th anniversary of HOPE worldwide – Russia.

November 2001

A new program “Family Centre” was established in cooperation with the Family and Child Support Department of Marfino District Social Services. The program is intended to provide social and psychological help to the families and children of the Marfino district.