Moscow: Volunteers Meeting “Helping Together”

HOPE worldwide – Russia organizes a regular meeting for the volunteers involved in charity work to forge a spirit of cooperation as well as to work toward being more effective and unified in their efforts to help needy people…

These regular meetings make it possible to promptly find out about those in need, to discuss current issues and to receive necessary advice for mutual assistance. Our goal is to help the majority of people who are in difficult life situations through joint efforts.
On Saturday October 22, volunteers along with their children came together; this gathering gave young children the opportunity to learn from a very early age how to help and to be responsive to the problems of other people. Alexander Zaborin, a long-term partner of HOPE worldwide – Russia joined the gathering with his two daughters. He has been providing financial support for over 10 years for the charity program that provides care for the elderly at the Old Friends Home. It is a joy to see volunteers of completely different ages and social status gathered together united in the goal of helping others!


It was wonderful to see Alexander Yemelyanov, one of the orphanage’s graduates, at this meeting. He met volunteers from HOPE worldwide – Russia back during the Day of Hope charity program in his own orphanage; this program helps with social adaptation of orphans. Now, Alexander, with the support and friendship of volunteers firmly stands on his feet, has a stable job and actively participates as a volunteer in charity programs that help others in need.


Different topics were discussed at the meeting. Sergey Korobenko, the president of HOPE worldwide – Russia described the work that was done during the previous year as well as how many needy people could receive help and what problems remain to be solved in the near future. The challenges faced while volunteering were discussed as well as how to be more efficient and what changes were needed in approaching the needs of people whom we come across daily. Experienced volunteers shared their skills with those who came for the first time. A humorous skit was performed depicting how volunteers meet the elderly for the first time. A discussion followed covering what to do in unexpected situations. A lot of laughter was shared.
Employees of HOPE worldwide – Russia shared stories with volunteers about the people’s lives whom the Fund has provided support and assistance for many years. One of these recipients is Andreevna Ekaterina Lebedeva who is celebrating her 95th birthday this November!


During this meeting the volunteers hand-made greeting cards expressing sincere personal wishes for those elderly who were celebrating their birthdays. After the general discussion the volunteers went to visit the elderly in their homes to bring them food and household kits, to talk with them and to help with the necessary housework.


The day turned out to be both productive and full of positive emotions.

We thank all of our dear volunteers who gave their time this Saturday to show their care and love for the elderly in need!