St. Petersburg: Fifth Children’s HOPE Festival took place!

The Sport Event, organized by Hope worldwide – Russia with the support of the Committee on Social Policy and the Committee of Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg took place on September 25, 2016 in the basement of Platonov Volleyball Academy. Over 90 volunteers took part in this event…

The Children’s Sports Festival HOPE has become a traditional for St. Petersburg and it was held for the fifth time. In 2016, more than 100 students from eight Petersburg State centers for orphans and high risk children (children left without parental care) visited the Festival. The age of the participants is from 8 to15 years old. Representatives of the teams excitedly competed in basketball and volleyball, tug-of-war. They participated in a checkers tournament, competed in the hit and “snake“ run, and enthusiastically played „botang“.

As part of the Sports Festival, a competition for the best team captain and most cohesive team was held.
An entertainment program for all participants and guests of the Sports Festival was provided in addition to the competitive games which helped to create an atmosphere of a great holiday. Young gymnasts presented a beautiful and moving performance; the cheerleading team “Stella” (Cheerleading Federation of St. Petersburg) also demonstrated their skills.


The festival’s purpose was fully accomplished: the children learned to work together as a team achieving a goal,  they felt the attention and support from adults and they experienced the unforgettable taste of sports victories.

The organizers sincerely thank their sponsors without whom the Sport Festival for high risk children would not be possible. Many thanks to Lyman-trade, Comp Industry and SpetsMashOyl for their financial support, Tactics for their help in organizing the event, Petroholod for delicious ice cream.  Thanks goes to Ice Hockey Club SKA for tickets to the match and to  Scientific Show “Opener” for a certificate to a spectacular show awared to the winner’s team.  Many thanks to all those who participated in the organization of the Children’s Sports Festival “Hope” for sharing your warmth and care!