Moscow: Day of Older Generation

In the beginning of October, HOPE worldwide – Russia gathered together volunteers as a good tradition for participation in the Action of help for lonely seniors, which coincides with the Day of Older Generation…

The day turned out to be very interesting and was saturated with fellowship and meeting new people along with the helping the elderly.



Everyone met in Veterans Council place where Old Friends’ Home charitable club has its meetings every week.

In a cozy atmosphere with a cup of tea, volunteers could meet each other and veterans to have nice fellowship together.

People of different ages and professions from students to company directors gathered together in one place.

One of the graduates from the orphanage who once upon a time had received help from volunteers came here as well to lend a helping hand to others with great pleasure.

Some volunteers came together with their families in order to teach their own children about having a sense of compassion by showing a personal example of inspiration to help needy people.



Every time there is something new on the occasions like this.

Veterans shared with everyone who came about their war and after war lives. Firsthand volunteers could hear about that time and the difficulties that the elderly came through and about their lives now and what is most needed today.


The occasion turned out very cozy and warm with the atmosphere of mutual understanding and joy.

Something very special has been added to the atmosphere of this occasion by volunteer Alexandr Kuznetsov, who made several cakes especially for this day which turned out to be a very pleasant and tasty surprise for everyone.



After a nice fellowship, volunteers went to those veterans and pensions homes who couldn’t come there due to their health conditions in order to deliver bags of groceries and domestic sets prepared by HOPE worldwide – Russia and to provide needed help in their flats.

For sure the long term work of HOPE worldwide – Russia which is directed toward building relationships between young and older generations has good results in the form of effective assistance to a target group of needy people and support for those who face difficulties in their aged lives.


Many thanks to all HOPE participants for your inspiration!


Special thanks to Alexandr Zaborin and the group of Companies „ИКСС“ for being a part in the lives of the elderly and for financial support for the Old Friends’ Home program for many years!


IMG_8279Trepalina Nina Mikhaylovna (89 years old): I have participated in this charitable program for 15 years already. Old Friends’ Home is our legacy. There is only a place like this in Moscow, there is no other one like this! We have come a long way. The whole generation has been changed over these years; some have died, but for all these years occasions are being organized for us which helps us to feel alive and needed. Volunteers came to me at my flat and washed the bathroom from floor to ceiling. I wouldn’t be able to do it by myself for sure. Then we were drinking tea and didn’t want to say good bye till the very late evening. We are very thankful to HOPE worldwide – Russia and volunteers who help us for all these years. We are very glad to have you in our lives!

Mariya Kefelnikova (volunteer):
For many years my relationship with HOPE worldwide – Russia developed very well. My participation in this project is grounded on thoughts of the future. When I look at elders whom we help I see their difficulties and understand how important it is to be grateful for life and for what I have. I like that HOPE understands actual needs of the city, people and react on time meeting those needs.


Svetlana Nikolaeva (volunteer):
I used to work with the children from orphanages and this is the first time that I participated in the program for the elderly. I think about those who can be lonely and I wish to share the warmth of my heart with them, to support them and just to have fellowship with them. It was really interesting today! To hear memories about how they lived and worked in their youth.
Many of them are about 90 and „experienced“ war and after war time. My grandmother and grandfather are not alive now, and I cannot hear about that time from them, that’s why it was very interesting and helpful. I am very encouraged to meet Nina Mikhailovna Trepalina (89 years old) and to see her and others being so active. It is a great example for me to see such a joy in their age.


Katya Lebedeva (a student):
I could have a longer sleep today, but I prefer to do something good for others, to help. When you see a smile on a face of the one you help, it gives you more energy, cheerfulness and happiness.


Anya Motsyak (a student):
I have a strong desire to help the elderly because they have done so much for us and I am very sensitive towards this. I am so glad to have an opportunity to have fellowship with them and to help them today to see their smile and to make them feel not alone.


Polina Melnikova (a student):
I enjoy talking to the elderly. It is so great that I can support them, and I see that they like it. I would like to share my love with them. It brings joy to me as well!


Alexandr (26 years old, a graduate from the orphanage):
After graduation I look at others and live differently. I remember when guys from HOPE worldwide – Russia were visiting us in the orphanage and were very supportive. Now I want to help others. Today is a good day, I could learn a lot from fellowship with people who went through the war and difficulties in life. I wish everyone would not be indifferent towards those who are in need. IMG_8226

Sirotkina Marina Petrovna (88 years old): I am so grateful to meet people like you. We can meet interesting people in the Old Friends’ Club, to have fellowship with, tea, celebrate birthdays and holidays, watch movies, and have excursions. We have a full life here. I want to thank all who direct and participate in this program very much for you found time for us, lonely seniors who need help. I am very grateful for everything you do for us.


kartyIf you wish to help needy elderly but can’t find time or haven’t had opportunity to participate personally, you can donate here on website DONATE

The amount of support for one elder person within Old Friends’ Home program is 1500 rubles per month.

You can DONATE any amount of funds acceptable for you, the funds will be used for providing special services. Even a small sum that you donate plays a big role and enables help and care for needy!