Meeting Orphanage Graduates

After years of involvement with charitable programs for orphans HOPE volunteers initiated a new tradition of meeting with orphanage graduates.



This idea came about because of the relationships that were built between volunteers and orphans during the Day of HOPE program. Over the years the children grew up, but their relationships with volunteers continued.

All young people face challenges related to their health, finding jobs, or locating places to live when they begin to take care of themselves. Children from orphanages in particular need extra help because they often don’t receive training in basic life skills. Thus, HOPE volunteers organized a series of meetings with orphanage graduates to help them master these skills. For example, one of these meetings was dedicated to cooking because the children hadn’t learned it in their orphanages. Volunteers taught children to cook beetroot soup and beetroot salad. Everyone was involved: some cleaned vegetables; others cut them; some cooked at the stove. Another meeting was devoted to teaching them about healthy relationships between men and women. One of last meetings was devoted to celebrating holidays such as International Men’s (Feb, 23rd) and Women’s (March, 8th) Days: honor of these occasions, the boy and girls prepared gifts to each other and put on a concert performance. Volunteers also prepared sets of groceries and detergent for every graduate.




To find out what is most interesting and helpful for our friends the graduates we created a feedback application form for them to express their wishes, dreams and needs.

Usually there are three to six graduates at the meetings. While this may seem like a small number of people for such a large city, we believe that helping even 5 out of 20 graduates would be a great result. Indeed helping just one person would mean that our efforts were not in vain!