Back to School 2011! – “A Voyage into the Land of Knowledge”

September 1st is a big day for every child, and an opportunity for adults to remember their childhood days. Over 12,000 first-graders will go to school in Novosibirsk this year. When you see them you too may recall your own time in school, your first class, your first teacher. You may remember how for the first time in your life the class door closed and your parents, grandmothers, and grandfathers remained outside, and how a different life, a life of growing up, began.






This year HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk’s “Back to School” program, for the fourth year running, conducted a festival for first-graders from low-income families living in the Kirov district.

A wonderful festival entitled “A Voyage into the Land of Knowledge” was prepared for the children. They took part in a drawing for fantastic prizes, including notebooks, pens and other school supplies. Then the children participated in a fascinating journey through the “Land of Knowledge”. Together with the Queen of the Land of Math, they solved tricky problems. In the Land of Multi-Pulti they performed tasks set by Shapoklyak, their ship was captured by pirates, and they danced a victory dance on Chunga-Changa island. Finally, in the Land of Knowledge, Professor Alphabet was waiting for them. The children successfully passed all the tests and obtained the rank of “first-graders”.





The Foundation Program Director congratulated the first-graders on their success, wished them good luck on their future tests, and encouraged them to be eager and enthusiastic in their learning. The director also wished that their parents would be patient and understanding with them, and that their grandmothers and grandfathers would have assiduous pupils.

At the end of the festival the first-graders were happy to receive presents and refreshments. Each child received a backpack filled with all the necessary school supplies. The Charity Foundation congratulated and supported 32 families of first-graders that day.



HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk also presented backpacks filled with school supplies to all the first-graders at the Obsky orphanage (there were 3 of them this year).

HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk would like to express its gratitude to every volunteer who donated funds to help purchase presents for the first-graders, and those who helped organize the festival.

During the festival over 25,000 roubles worth of presents were give out to the students. The joint efforts of HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk, The Dishware Center Network and Foundation volunteers made this festival a wonderful experience for all!!!