Rostov-on-Don: Thank You For Love!

On July 30th, a group of volunteers from HOPE worldwide – Rostov-on-Don and the company LEROY MERLIN VOSTOK held a “THANK YOU FOR LOVE” Award Ceremony in the LEROY MERLIN Trading Center for the participants of two of HOPE’s largest charitable programs in Russia, the Sports & Cultural Festival for Children, and the DAY of HOPE.

This event encourages corporate volunteering for the benefit of orphaned and disabled children. This is an important step towards the development of international traditions of charity and corporate social responsibility in this region of the world. We believe that this ceremony will support and inspire its participants to continue with their noble initiatives as well as attract new partners and corporate volunteers from other local companies.



The ceremony included the greeting of the participants, speeches from the representatives of the Aksay Region’s Education Department, and speeches from the LEROY MERLIN Company charity providers, parents who adopted children or started kindergartens for poor families, and those who received the support of the volunteers from HOPE Worldwide’s Charitable Foundation in Rostov-on-Don, those who received the support of corporate volunteers from LEROY MERLIN MEGA and AVANGARD Autocenter, as well as the support of volunteers from the Aksay division of the All-Russia Voluntary Fire Fighter’s Society. Awards were presented to charitable donors and volunteers. The families of the Nedoteukovs and the Iyevlevs also received acknowledgements in honor of Foster Family Day. To end the day, a film about HOPE’s annual Sports & Cultural Festival for Children was shown.



NOTE: HOPE worldwide – Rostov-On-Don has been working in the Rostov region since 2002. During this time the Foundation has successfully organized a number of charitable programs supporting orphaned and disabled children. The main purpose of the Foundation is the social adaptation and proper psychological development of high-risk children who are missing parental love and care, and those who are physically or mentally disadvantaged. This difficult work is being done by Foundation volunteers and charitable donors who render material and financial assistance to the volunteer’s activities. The corporate volunteer movement is only at the very beginning of its development in Russia. Our actions aim to involve an increasing number of enthusiastic, caring, young people and adults, including employees of major local companies, in caring for orphaned and disabled children.




The “THANK YOU FOR LOVE” Ceremony took place on July 30, 2011 at 4 pm at the LEROY MERLIN MEGA-ROSTOV Trading Center, located in the Aksay region, Novocherkasskoye Shosse, MEGA Shopping Mall.

Contact person: Pavel Karnaukh, Volunteer Coordinator
Tel.: +7 918 542 9917, E-mail: rnd.HOPEww@gmail.com