“Lights of Novosibirsk”

Summer is vacation time! Most people get to decide where to go and how to spend their summer, but students at the Obsky orphanage don’t have that opportunity. Many of these children have difficulty walking on their own, and some have never been outside the orphanage.



This summer, HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk, with donations from volunteers, arranged the “Lights of Novosibirsk” excursion for 45 of these children. The children visited the city of Novosibirsk, learned about its history, and got to tour famous places of interest. During the excursion the children were accompanied by a guide who told them interesting stories about the city and its cultural monuments. The most memorable moment for the children, however, was seeing Novosibirsk in the evening. The whole city lit up with lights. It was a trip the children would never forget.