Spring Victory Concert

On May 11, 2011 in the Great Hall of the Kirovsk Region Administration a HOPE held a celebratory concert for the veterans and war workers organized by the Council of Veterans of the Kirovsk Region and the Hope worldwide – Novosibirsk.

The “Istoki” and “Siberian Dawns” choirs presented their creative gifts to the veterans: College students sang, performed plays, played spoons and danced. There were war and peace-time songs. The performances were accompanied by a documentary film about WWII and the after-war years, and the hall was filled with warmth and nostalgia. The veterans received gifts and flowers. Those who will never return from the war were remembered. The song “For the Victory!” closed out the celebration.





The concert once again reminded everyone of the heroism and love for their country of all the defendants of our motherland. Victory Day is a celebration in honor of all those people who gave us peace in the world! Though the veterans may be few in number, their heroic deeds will be remembered by their grandchildren! We wish everybody a clear sky, peace and well-being!