Victory Day in the Old Friends’ Home

HOPE worldwide – Russia organized a festive program within the Old Friends’ Home project dedicated to the 66th anniversary of Russia’s victory in WWII…

Words of gratitude and congratulations to our dear veterans and to the homefront workers who helped speed the Day of Victory were presented at the banquet table that day.

Everyone sang WWII songs with the accompaniment of an accordion. And of course we sang “Victory Day” to remember those who didn’t come home from the battle.

The holiday was ended by delivering grocery bags with food to veterans and lonely pensioners.

There were smiles though the tears on the faces of the veterans. We all have to remember the Great Victory regardless of the number of years passed. We have to take care of our big world!!!




We thank our constant partners and friends, the ”Posuda Centr” store for its longstanding support of our charitable programs and for their help with the organization of this holiday!

We express our deepest appreciation to all veterans for a peaceful future, and wish them strong health, happiness and stability. May honor, respect, love, understanding, and care surround you!