May Volunteer Saturday

The “May Volunteer Saturday” charitable event is Hope worldwide – Russia volunteers’ way to address the needs of WWII veterans who so often are not given personal care and attention.

Unfortunately, the number of veterans who participated in the Great Victory of WWII grows smaller year after year, but we try to use any opportunity possible to show our gratitude for their heroic deeds and to pay tribute to that heroic generation. Our society is evidently deficient in respect for the elderly, especially those without their own families. But every retiree is a person with their own destiny and character, and they need to feel respected even when old.

On the eve of Victory Day, May 7, HOPE volunteers cleaned up 25 apartments where veterans live (cleaned windows, hung curtains, moved furniture, went shopping, fixed broken furniture). While treating the volunteers to some tasty tea, the veterans told them about the war, the difficulty of their childhoods and the heroism of the Russian people.

That day the volunteers heard a lot of thanks:

G. Bezborodova.: «Thank you for your care and attention! Someone still needs us!»
L. I. Shashkova: «I live alone. I’ve been waiting for you so much. Thank you for finding time for us!»

S. A. Konanykhina: «They’re good guys! Gave me a birthday gift (May 8) – my windows are shining. Thank you!»
V. N. Poletaeva: «Thank you very much for your willingness to help us veterans! You’re such good people!»

V. V. Totmyanin: 90 years old, WWII participant: «Thank you for remembering us, and helping us. Now everything’s clean and in order at my place!»

K. M. Erukhina «Such nice people visited me. They put everything in order. And what’s most important, they gave me hope that life’s not so bad»

We thank all the volunteers who postponed their plans to participate in this event!!! Helping people together we showed that we respect and appreciate our veterans!!!




20 volunteers participated in the event.