Victory in All-Russian Competition: “Connecting Generations”

October 2010. The official award ceremony for the All-Russian Competition “Connecting Generations”, held in conjunction with the celebration of International Senior’s Day, took place in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. HOPE worldwide – Russia won the award for “Volunteering Aid”.

The competition “Connecting Generations” was held for the first time this year. It was organized by an initiative of the Committee of Prevention and National Health of the Public House by means of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

The main goal of the competition was to develop respectful attitudes in society towards the elderly and to ignite a spirit of benevolence in the youth towards senior citizens.
The organizers received over 40 applications from organizations representing all the regions of Russian for two competitive months.



The finalists were chosen by a jury composed of representatives of the Legislative Authority, under the guidance of the Russian Pension Fund and the non-government “Welfare” Pension Fund, and managers of the Public Youth Organization and Association of Veterans and Pensions.
HOPE worldwide – Russia was awarded the “Volunteering Help” award for long-term and successful accomplishments in the “Old Friends’ Home” project. This program has been running since 1998. It aimed at providing help and support to lonely seniors and WWII veterans, and it includes a number of volunteers. Today this program is run in Moscow and in Novosibirsk.



The award was presented to HOPE worldwide – Russia by General-Lieutenant Viktor Makarov, Chairman of the Moscow House of War and Armed Forces Veterans Council.
Also taking part were Afonin Y.V., a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, President of the “Development” Charitable Fund, an adviser of the Chairman of the Federation Council, Pudov A.N., a Head of the Department of the Pension Organization of the Russian Pension Funds Board, Nagoga M.G., a Head of the Russian Pension Fund’s PR, Filatova I.A., a Chairman of the Commission for the Protection of the Nation’s Health of the Youth Public Chamber, Sukhorukova E.V., Executive Director of “WELFARE”, Shtauberg O.A., President of a Charitable Fund for seniors called The Connection Between Generations, Makarov V.A., Margit P.M., Head of the Department of Health and Social Protection of Veterans of All-Russian Public Organization of Veterans (Pensioners) of War, Labor, Military and Law Machinery, Rogozin AD, a member of the Presidium of the Russian Public Organization “Motherland. Congress of Russian Communities”, Board member of the Youth Public Chamber and others took part in the final ceremony of the Competition.



3 Chairman of the Commission for the Protection of the Nation’s Health of the Youth Public Chamber Filatova stressed that the promotion of social initiatives aimed at older generations is the primary mission of the Connecting Generations competition. According to the Executive Director of “WELFARE”, Suhorukova, the most important thing is for young people to assist the older generations. “We think it is important to highlight these youth organizations and to emphasize the high social value of their work, which is an example for all citizens of the Russian Federation”.

We congratulate the award winning programs of HOPE worldwide – Russia on this national recognition and we thank all the volunteers who actively participated in this program by providing help to older generations, for those people who are in a difficult life situation!