Senior’s Day

On Saturday, October 2, on the International Day for Seniors, HOPE worldwide – Russia gathered volunteers together to provide help to poor and lonely seniors and invalids in Moscow’s Marfino District.




The event was crowded and fun as always. Volunteers interested in helping needy people came for fellowship and for the chance to help the elderly with domestic chores that they couldn’t manage easily by themselves. People of different work status, ages and interests gathered together that day: parents joined their children, students joined their friends, and colleagues joined their co-workers to help seniors.




Every pensioner in the Marfino District knows the Olds Friends Home Club. This is the place where they celebrate holidays, watch their favorite movies, sing songs together and receive groceries and domestic gift bags every month. The program currently covers 100 of the neediest pensioners and WWII veterans. Seniors who are under the patronage of HOPE worldwide – Russia come to the program before it even starts. This time Valentina came first and said: “There is no need to clean her apartment, but I wish to have fellowship with young people”. So she joined a group of young volunteers and started telling them her story of her life about her family, fears and happiest moments.

Every volunteer who takes part in the program is joined by another senior to help with cleaning or any other domestic needs.
Every pensioner was provided by HOPE worldwide – Russia with detergent sets.
Tea time is time for fellowship with volunteers, and Oleg, one of the volunteers, had his birthday there: “I decided to celebrate my birthday this way today. I decided not to wait for presents, but to do something good for those who are in need”.
Oleg works in the furniture industry, so he decided to go along with other volunteers to visit a boy named Alexey who is paralyzed and has not been able to walk for several years to transport and to assemble a special bed for invalids which weighs over 200lbs. HOPE worldwide – Russia and the Marfino District Council have supported Alexey for the last several last years.
It was really great to see how happy Alexey was when he talked to volunteers, and when he was transferred into his new bed. He investigated all the new features and functions, changing the angles and height like he was driving a ship. Alexey was so happy to see the street from his window again, a street that he used to walk along years ago.
This help can’t heal his legs, but hopefully it can facilitate a healthier and more rewarding life and give him the support of friendship.





Another volunteer named Irina went to visit Alevtina, who is 78 and lives completely alone. Alevtina looked a bit sad and shared about a health problem with her heart. While volunteer washed her windows, Alevtina had fellowship and read her poetry, and everyone had fun time. Alevtina was very grateful for the detergent set as before she used to use manganese and ammonia to wash her windows.

Before she turned 70 Alevtina built and developed plane engines. Now she is a pensioner and has been visiting the Old Friends Home for 6 years. At the end of the service day Alevtina prepared a lunch for the volunteers and told them “Come visit me again any time.”





That day over 40 volunteers came to deliver help to needy seniors.
“It’s amazing that I can be useful and share my time and strength with those who are in need” one of HOPE volunteers said.

We thank Alexandr Zaborin and the “ИКСС” company group who on a monthly bases actively helps in delivering groceries and domestic goods to 120 seniors under the patronage of the Marfino and Chertanovo Districts.




Many thanks to our serving friends and volunteers!

Thank you for making this world better and brighter by participating in the lives of those who need your help!