HOPE Children’s Festival Gathers Friends

HOPE worldwide – Rostov-on-Don organized a holiday party for 40 orphans from Rostov with the active support of volunteers. It was an incredible time for the children. The Festival gave them a chance to participate in sports and games and to just have fun together. All participants were cheerful and very active, and it was difficult to determine the winner in many of the competitions. About 40 adopted children from the Aksajsky area in the Rostov Region took part in the event.





There were more than 25 HOPE volunteers who served the children during the event. HOPE volunteers had it as their mission to take care of the children, to create a wonderful holiday atmosphere, to bring joy to the lives of the children, and to build individual relationships with each child. That mission requires expressing genuine love, caring, and warmth from the volunteers’ hearts to bring true hope to these children.




The HOPE Festival is renowned for the atmosphere of joy and love, happiness and playfulness, and active energy that it brings to the children!





Tatyana Solovyanova ( co-coordinator and manager of The “HOPE” Festival) commented:

There is a wonderful atmosphere of warmth, fun, joy and love in this festival. It is impossible to express in words, it has to be experienced. The friendship can’t be bought, it is built over many years. Thank you volunteers for your hearts and years of friendship!




HOPE worldwide – Rostov-on-Don would like to express its gratitude to the partners and sponsors of the festival who made this holiday possible:

The Aksajsky Department of Education; the administration of the “Druzhba” children’s camp;“ASHAN-Orbital`naya” Supermarket with the support of “ASHAN-Rostov- Aksay”; “Leroy Merlin – Rostov – Mega” Mall.

We also would like to thank “Master-Print”, Eldar Borisovich Ibragimov, the Paseshnyikhs, the Zhestkovs and the Solovyanovs.

Many thanks to all the volunteers of the HOPE Festival!