HOPE Children’s Festival Gathers Friends

HOPE worldwide – Rostov-on-Don organized a holiday party for 40 orphans from Rostov with the active support of volunteers. It was an incredible time for the children. The Festival gave them a chance to participate in sports and games and to just have fun together. All participants were cheerful and very active, and it was difficult to determine the winner in many of the competitions. About 40 adopted children from the Aksajsky area in the Rostov Region took part in the event.

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Russian orphans: every hundredth child hasn’t parents

The light of your love (click here to see video)

For the last hundred years Russia has experienced a third wave of orphanhood. The number of orphans is currently even higher than after WWI and WWII, which took millions of lives. The statistics are: in 1945 there were 600,000 orphans in Russia. By the end of 2008 this number reached more than 700,000. 90% of today’s orphans are social orphans, whose parents were deprived of their rights to be parents by the state.

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