The most anticipated victory!

Dedicated to 65th anniversary of WWII victory.
HOPE worldwide – Russia shot this movie to record memories of those historical events first hand, from the participants of military battles.

Following WWII veterans acted (took part) in the movie:
Troynina Anna Gavrilovna – 87 years old.
Filippova Antoina Ivanovna – 85 years old.
Mikhaylov Nikolay Leonodovich – 88 years old.
The oldest – Dmitrieva Natalya Pavlovna – will turn 90 on May 9!!!

Private story:

Fillipova Antonina Ivanovna being 15, got in the heat of 1941 close to Rzhev. Village was in an epicenter of the front line. Citizens were hiding in trenches that were dug right in their yards. That was the only way to survive the bombing. Later citizens were evacuated 5 kilometers further from the front line in an adjoining village. Family of the girl was settled in a house, along with wounded soldiers. They were all caught there. A bomb fell straight into their yard and destroyed everything.

– I’m lying under a heap and can’t move – remembers Antonina Ivanovna – and then I hear a soldier under the heap talking to me: «Scream aloud, there is a boy under me who can’t breath!» So, I started screaming.

My hard screaming didn’t bring any result. No one has heard me. When we were dug out, a boy – Antonina’s 4 year old nephew – was dead.

His father got ready and left to the front line. Then he disappeared without a trace close to Smolensk. Two sisters burned their legs during that bombing. They were on a furnace and got in the scorching heat right after explosion, and their mother was cast away with the wave.

Antonina left to the front line to take vengeance. She was going afoot, once she walked 40 kilometer in one day. She was accepted as a nurse in a hospital. At first, the girl was running off from her duty during bombing, as she couldn’t handle her fear.

She’d run out and think: «How could I leave wounded people?» and after that she’d come back.

– Together with hospital I reached Berlin and participated in its capture. Till today I see how I carry an old man and an old woman out of the bomb-lacerated train near Opochka in West Ukraine. I saw so much blood during WWII that couldn’t work as a doctor afterwards