May Day of “Subbotnik” (Spring Cleaning Day)

Many lonely pensioners live in Novosibirsk. Most of them are WWII veterans and retired Soviet laborers. On May 1-2, HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk organized the “May Day of Subbotnik” with the participation of 50 volunteers to help these seniors.

There are many pensioners who have lost material and moral support from their relatives for different reasons. Some of these pensioners are invalids and need special help because they cannot walk and they have to stay in bed all day long.



The volunteers were divided into groups of 3-4 people and each group received addresses where they could visit needy pensioners, WWII veterans and retired laborers – participants of the “Old Friends’ Home” program. Every volunteer was equipped with the necessary cleaning materials, and used the opportunity to meet and talk to seniors, and to help by cleaning their apartments. During the next two days volunteers washed windows and chandeliers, changed curtains, and fixed water taps and so on. The most important gift, however, was giving HOPE to seniors to let them know that they are cared for and loved. Grateful veterans told their life stories and gave volunteers home made tea to drink and pies to eat. Here are some testimonies from the pensioners who received help:

“Happiness is possible!”

“Poor needy invalids don’t need much to feel happy! Usually when spring comes we need to clean our windows, and change our curtains, which allows us to see and to feel the sun on our faces and in our rooms; and this brings joy to us seniors who have many issues with our health. It really makes us happy to see people able to give us this joy in such a difficult time!!!”

”Many of us lost support from own sons and daughters, some of our children haven’t shown up for years, but there are people who respect the older generation!”

“I want to wish the volunteers of HOPE worldwide – Russia success in all their activities, strong health to them and their relatives, happiness and love to them for all their lives. I wish the younger generation to imitate these volunteers and to remember their relatives. Thank you very much!!!”



Participants of the Old Friends Home charitable program:

2nd category invalids, Lymar N.N., Tkachenko B.I., Levina P.I., Podgorbunskaya G.I., Konanykhina S.A.

20 lonely pensioners received help during this event.

Thanks to all the volunteers who found free time to be a part of this act of service!!! Your service created a bright and memorable event for these seniors.