Congratulations to the Winners!

On May 6, the eve of the 65th Anniversary of Victory Day, a concert took place to celebrate the holiday at the Efremovo Recreation Center. The concert was organized by the Council of veterans of the Kirov district in Novosibirsk and HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk.



Almost all the seats in the hall were occupied by WWII and home front veterans. The Head of the Kirov Administration, Victor Vyazovikh welcomed the front-line soldiers. Veterans received government awards, diplomas, flowers and presents during an awards ceremony before the concert.

The concert was the highlight of the evening. People of different generations took part in it: from primary school students to seniors. Veterans heard various kinds of songs: military and modern, but the veterans enjoyed the performances of the children the most. There was also a minute of silence held to honor those who didn’t survive the war. The “Victory Day” song was performed at the end of the concert, and the entire audience stood up and sang the song together. There were tears of joy in the faces of the veterans.




The memory of those who heroically fought for our Motherland lives on in our hearts. On this joyful and sorrowful day, we revere the memory of the fallen heroes who gave their lives for our people and our country!