Праздник Победы в «Доме Старых друзей»

May 6, HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk held another holiday program called “Victory Day!” in the Old Friends’ Home in honor of the 65th anniversary of the Russian WWII victory.





We have been celebrating this holiday for 65 years. This holiday is a day of remembrance and deep respect for our senior generation, for those whose heroism brought about the long-awaited Victory Day. They protected their country with fortitude, labored hard, and worked to rebuild the country in post-war times as well.



The event opened with congratulations to Oxana Slepneva, a manager of the Old Friends’ Home program. Children from a rehabilitation center for handicapped children from the Derzhinsky District gave their compliments and performed by reciting poetry and songs about the war. The whole audience joyfully sang along with the children. HOPE worldwide – volunteers came to congratulate the veterans as well. They sang songs about the war and at the end of the program everyone joined together to sing the most famous Russian victory song, “Den Pobedy” (Victory Day). Afterwards surprises like flowers and a banquet of delicious food continued the program. Many kind words and compliments were said to the veterans on that day. We ended the day by delivering grocery bags with food, supplies, and candy to needy veterans. Our old friends were thoroughly encouraged.
A photograph of the whole audience was taken so everyone could remember this wonderful holiday celebration.

Congratulations Dear Veterans! Happy Victory Day!!!