Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped Children

HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk and the Dzerzhinsky Society of Child invalids, and individuals who have been handicapped since childhood, “ДРООДИ”, initiated the “Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped Children” charitable program.

These special children live with their families, but they also have a need for social adaptation. In 2009, thanks to the volunteers of HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk, new programs have started working towards this purpose: Computer Classes, and Applied Art (in particular, classes for modeling and beading). Children showed off their computer skills by making videos for their final computer class. Every participant was nominated for a prize and received a diploma or certificate. The children were extremely happy to see the results of their work. The experience that the children receive now will help them in the future to develop their creative talents. Participation in the team also builds team-skills, which helps these special children to be unified on the one hand and to be competitive on the other hand. Hopefully, the experience that the children received here will allow them to get good jobs, help them adapt to society after graduation, and will improve their lives in many other ways.