“Day of HOPE” in “The Way Home” Orphanage

Volunteers of HOPE worldwide – Russia held another Day of HOPE for the children from the orphanage/children’s shelter “The Way Home” on Saturday, April 3.

This Day of Hope was an Easter Party and the volunteers helped the children color eggs with great enthusiasm as they expressed their art skills and imaginations. They also played games together and discussed some modern dances while showing off their dance skills. The rest of children borrowed cameras from our volunteers and turned into photographers taking various pictures of themselves and their friends.

The orphans always are anxiously awaiting days of celebration like this. Many of them have become close friends with our volunteers, which helps them feel more confident in their lives and just makes them happier from day to day. This particular orphanage is not very crowded, which allows the atmosphere with the children and volunteers to feel as cozy as home.

Children who had birthdays received the gifts that they were waiting for, plus every child received a bag of Easter chocolates that we think they will be eating for a long time!