New Years in the Old Friend’s Home

New Years is an exciting holiday for the whole family, in which we consider what great things the New Year could bring. HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk’s staff created a true family atmosphere in the Old Friends’ Home to celebrate the beginning of 2010 together.

The hall was decorated and all the grandmothers and grandfathers came dressed in festive suits and carnival costumes. Every table held a particular dish: salads, duns, cakes, cookies and many other dishes, so many that there was not enough room for everything.

A tiger, the symbol of the year, came to see the pensioners and to play a special lottery with them as well. Everyone was waiting for Santa just like the children. Grandmothers prepared different poems, songs and gypsy dances for Santa. It was a very warm and friendly atmosphere in the hall, like one big family gathered together at one table and all our troubles were left at the door. Everyone was smiling, singing and some were even dancing on that festive day.

Santa gave sweet gifts and other presents to everyone. In the end a nice surprise in the form of special bags filled with groceries for the New Year was waiting for everyone. When it was time to say good bye, no one wanted to leave.

Many grateful words were said: “Thank you for the holiday! How good it is to know that there are people who take care of lonely pensioners!”

Olga Abramova, 77 years old: “Thank you! Everything was great!”

It doesn’t require much from each of us to show love, caring and to make the New Year happy for those who don’t have a family to spend New Years with.

Many thanks to our long time partner “Posuda-Center”, and to all the volunteers of HOPE worldwide.