The Equal Opportunity Sports and Athletics Day

On December 2, 2009 HOPE worldwide – Russia and the Municipality of Moscow’s Marfino District organized another

sports day for invalids and disabled children in order to help rehabilitate the children and encourage them to live an

active lifestyle through sports.

Invalids are always in need of extra help and care. Social service for invalids in Russia includes complex activities

directed at creating auspicious conditions for healthy development and the integration of invalids into society, which

includes individual development and personal confidence in physically disabled children, and the improvement of

communication skills and the ability to work within society.

On this special day The City of HOPE / Kids’ Club welcomed all who wanted to participate in festive and cheerful

competitions. A whimsical accordion player established a festive mood with his music for all the guests. The participants

responded to the accordionist by singing their favorite songs and even breaking into dance.

The sports program included competitions in chess, ping-pong, darts, mini basketball, table hockey and bowling.
People of all ages took part in the competitions, which created a very friendly, fun, and lighthearted atmosphere.

A new and highly popular competition for this year was a professional table racetrack, which ran according to the current

rules of Formula 1 racing. Participation in this competition brought the children a lot of joy and excitement. Participants

breathlessly completed their races in what one participant described as “a single breath”.

Everyone was awarded with a certificate, medal and various gifts in a fabulous awards ceremony. Not a single child left

without a gift and a happy heart. A table filled with tasty treats and hot tea awaited the participants at the end of the

event. On that day no one wanted to leave the HOPE Kid’s Club. They were too busy enjoying the cheerful fellowship, singing,

music and friendly atmosphere. The joy and smiles all around them allowed these disabled children to forget all about

their physical disabilities for one bright day.