Awards for the Year of Equal Opportunities

The Festival, which was dedicated to an evaluation of the Year of Equal Opportunities, took place in the “Korolevsky” Cultural Hall, where individuals and organizations were awarded for their contribution to work with handicapped people in 2009.

The award ceremony had 7 nominations.

The Prefect of the North-East Administrative Region of Moscow, Irina Raber, presented an award to Sergey Korobenko, the president of HOPE worldwide – Russia, for his essential contribution to a cooperative implementation of HOPE’s program working with invalids in the North-East Administrative Region of Moscow.

Thanks to this unique cooperation between the Moscow Government and HOPE worldwide – Russia, we have been successfully implementing comprehensive work in delivering services to the needy populations of Moscow for the last 12 years.
This program, which takes place in the territory of the Marfino Town Council, has won the city-wide competition for “Socially Important Programs”, which is held by the Public Relations Committee of Moscow Government, multiple times.
During the festival we had the pleasure of also organizing a concert to celebrate the night’s honors with the participation of groups of invalids and children who take part in our award-winning social programs.