“Angels of HOPE” 2010 Christmas Tree Adventure

When children are small they believe that Santa will bring them gifts on Christmas Eve. Some children are waiting for mystery gifts. Other children make a wish list in advance or write a letter and ask for a new toy train, or a remote control car, or a porcelain doll in a nice dress. They are all hoping for Santa to come and make their dreams come true.

In the same way, children from the Obsky orphanage for mentally disabled children were waiting for their individual Christmas miracles.

On the 26th of December volunteers from HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk gathered in the Obsky orphanage to hold a holiday celebration for the children. The Christmas performance had many surprises: Koschei, Baba-Yaga and Kikimora tried to steal the magic hours, but in this story good always wins against evil, which happened in our holiday as well. Evil minions turned into helpful heroes and had fun with the children, who had a wonderful time dancing and solving riddles. The children were very happy when Santa and Snegurochka (Santa’s Niece) came in to the hall. Many of the children read poetry and sang songs for their magic friends. And at the end of the holiday something magical happened in the life of every child: the gifts that they had been dreaming about were given to them.

Holidays like this are not possible without the participation of our volunteers”, said the leader of the charitable program: “Day of HOPE”.

Many thanks to our partner “ГРЕМИ” and to Elena Grabilina, their director, for their active participation in the “Angels of HOPE 2010” event. Thanks to “Греми“ these children got presents and extra things to play with: dolls, cars, table-games, sport equipment, puzzles and so on for each group. Thanks to everyone who contributed their heart, time, and money to give these orphans such a joyful day!!!

Because of this collaboration, we were able to create a very cheerful, exciting holiday, which will remain in our memories for a long, long time!!!