Children’s Holiday in Speransky Hospital

On June 2, 2009 staff and volunteers of HOPE worldwide – Russia organized a holiday devoted to the “Day of Children’s Protection” in Russia for 30 children who are undergoing medical treatment in Speransky Hospital.

The children and medical staff were excited about this day and prepared a lot for it. The children learned poems and songs by heart, while their Parents also read poetry and took part in the festivities.





The HOPE staff prepared a fantastic entertainment program. First they divided the gifts into two groups. The groups were organized in an interesting way: children received cards with cartoon names on them and then found their pairs. Many cartoon heroes like Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Whinny the Pooh, and Russian characters “Pyatochok”, Aybolit” and “Barmoley” met in the hall of the hospital. Teams had tasks: singing international songs like “v trave sidel kuznechik” in Chinese, and the sing “oi moroz, moroz” in the Georgian language. Everyone had a blast!





The children had a lot of fun participating in sports competitions after such rigorous intellectual exercises. All the songs had to be translated by the competitors!

And of course many fun puzzles and games were included in the program and everyone tried to solve the riddles. In the end, the children drew cartoon heroes and then tried to guess which hero had been drawn by the other team.




The HOPE staff prepared many prizes to reward the great job that the children had done!

Raisa Semenovna Goldberg (Department Supervisor) said: “Clearly, I can say that the HOPE staff were very sincere when they came to spend time with the children. They didn’t come because they had to, they came because they wanted to. All of them were so giving and joyful. The parents also noticed that the HOPE staff made even very shy and sad children interested in playing games, which is a great encouragement for these children. For the hospital staff these kinds of holidays are also important. This way we can gather all the children together, which is different from the daily routine in their rooms. The children love it! Those children who took part in HOPE’s holidays are already anxiously awaiting the next event.”




Get well soon, friends!