“Friend’s Party” in The Old Friends’ Home

There is very friendly atmosphere in the Old Friends’ Home, which is why all of our celebrations and holidays are always full of so much joy and encouragement. This time everybody was anxiously waiting for the biggest holiday in Russia – New Years.

Seniors went into the big hall at the Kirovsky Social Department, which had been decorated specially for them, and were seated at tables with a variety of tasty foods. Volunteers prepared a special concert: they played guitar and sang the veterans’ favorite songs, and a few volunteers played some old but not forgotten songs from the veterans’ youth on the piano. Afterwards, everyone sang karaoke, which is always fun at any age. It’s so important for seniors to know that there is a place where they can come and find friendship and warmth from others, especially on New Years Eve.


40 lonely seniors from the Kirovsky Region attended the event. Their grateful eyes, happy faces, and wide smiles expressed much more than words. Many of them don’t get to have this kind of warm, caring celebration at home with their relatives. Thanks to the “SibPlastKom” company and the “Posuda – Center” supermarket chain, these lonely pensioners received gifts, groceries and a New Years celebration that they won’t soon forget. Of course, Santa Claus paid a visit to make the celebration even more bright and happy. 5Everyone was able to take a picture with Santa and with the other pensioners. Afterwards, seniors talked about the holiday, and their expectations and plans for 2009 on their way home from the celebration. It was a wonderful night.