Senior’s Day

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On October 04, HOPE worldwide – Russia organized a HOPE day for the Old Friends’ Home program for 100 lonely seniors living in the Marfino district in Moscow.
On this day thirty HOPE volunteers came to encourage and help seniors and WWII veterans. Also volunteers visited the homes of seniors and veterans to help them fix things in their homes.

Loneliness and disconnection from others is a big problem for seniors in our metropolis. Many of them have gotten used to the idea that they will spend the rest of their lives alone. Most seniors are war veterans, and now they are poor and have problems trying to adopt to modern society. Many seniors have lost all financial and emotional support from their relatives for various reasons. Some of the needy are bedridden and need physical assistance. The Old Friends’ Home program helps seniors adapt to modern society and feel loved and cared for by each other and their neighbors.

HOPE worldwide – Russia prepared 100 special domestic gift packages for everyone. A usual day turned into very special one: volunteers helped fix things in elderly people’s homes, and the younger and older generations were able to spend great time together. People who have lived through what these elderly people and veterans have lived through in the last century have a lot of stories to tell. Some stories made everybody cry, but the day ended with lots of smiles. The seniors were very grateful for the volunteers and their support.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Fleming Foundation and the IKSS company company, whose help enables us to supply people under our care with food and household goods on a monthly basis in the Marfino and North Chertanovo districts, and to supply hot food to senior citizens living alone in the “Ramenki” district.

Alexandra, an 86 year old woman, lives alone because she lost her son when he was 11. Her husband died 20 year ago. “Thank you for your taking such good care of us. I have visited the Old Friends Home for five years already and it helps me a lot. The groceries that you give me are very helpful as I have a very small income. Thank you so much! You even bring the groceries to my home and it’s very considerate since it’s not easy for me to walk. I’m very grateful that you don’t forget about me and come to see me and help me every week.”

Volunteers shared:

Alexandr Grekov
, a 30 year old man: “I visit an orphanage on a regular basis and I feel great when I can really help somebody. That’s why I was happy to come and help our old friends without a second thought right after I heard about this chance to do something for seniors in need. Today is the first time I have come to help seniors and I think that little things like bringing groceries to their homes and helping them fix broken appliances will always be a great memory for me and for the people we help.”

Natalya Tkachenko, 37 years old: “…Some day I want to live my whole life not for myself, but for others. I have a dream and today I have made one more step towards making it come true. I want to open a charitable fund. It’s so great to help others. It’s very encouraging.”

Nikolay Popov, 30 years old: “…I’m glad to use this chance to help seniors who really need support and attention. Today I’m here because I understand the needs of these people very well. I have old parents and relatives who need a lot of support and attention. I think that a person becomes better and spiritually richer when he helps needy people.

Dmitry Rastvortsev, 33 years old: “…I wanted to take part in this event personally and I want my children to always help needy people, and that’s why I came with my oldest daughter today. We visited 8 different places where lonely seniors live and we were very excited to be able to help and talk about life with them. Some of them can’t walk well and never leave home. One old lady shared that because of the Old Friends Home she feels better taken care of than when she was young, because she really feels support and care. This story really surprised me and I’m very happy to be a part of this program.”

On behalf of HOPE worldwide – Russia we want to thank every volunteer who showed concern for our dear pensioners and war veterans. May you have as much warmth and care in your life as you have given to others!