Joy is the Best Medicine!

Who said that you should be sad when you’re sick? Perhaps it should be the other way around when you have friends who think the opposite. The staff of HOPE worldwide – Russia visited the ‘Speranskogo’ hospital, especially to visit children in the surgical branch of the hospital and arrange a “Pirate Induction” ceremony.

It has become a tradition for HOPE to visit children in hospitals and fill their time with joy and with hope for them to get better quickly. Some children have to stay in hospitals for weeks if not months, so now they all look forward to a visit from the HOPE staff.

Nobody was left without attention, even the parents who were looking after their children were able to participate in the party and become “real pirates”, which the parents apparently wanted to become no less than the children.

The most unexpected tests and trials awaited everyone during the pirate induction ceremony. Nonetheless the children weren’t frightened, but on the contrary, they showed quick wit and even bravery.

For several hours the corridor leading to the children’s rooms was filled with laughter, and happy noise from the firing of “weapons” from which children were able to launch small rockets, which caused genuine delight. At the end of the ceremony, older children were able to test their lungs and nerves, and the nerves of others, when they were forced to blow up balloons until they popped.

The sound of popping balloons was a harbinger of happy news that everyone had passed the test and had become “real pirates”. To prove this, everyone was given a “pirate” uniform and other pirate symbols as well as prizes and presents. It was interesting to watch how the whole room, now filled with a gang of young pirates, glowed with joy, in contrast to the doctors’ sterile white smocks.

The smiles on the children’s and adults’ faces, and the joy and gratitude for the party were evidence to the fact that our part of the medical treatment was a a great success.

Get well soon, my friends!