Congratulations on Victory Day!

On the eve of Victory Day, HOPE worldwide – Russia organised a series of events to congratulate all veterans and lonely senior citizens participating in “The Old Friends’ Home” program.

The program of celebration for the pensioners was varied and full of surprises. Volunteers of the charity prepared a concert, which has become a tradition enjoyed greatly by the veterans.
One of the nice surprises was a performance by children studying at the puppet theatre on one of the pre-celebration days.

The puppet theatre works within the HOPE Family Centre. The children prepared an entire performance with poems, songs and a puppet show, which they had created themselves.

After the impressive show, every pensioner received presents as well as a parcel containing food and household goods.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Fleming Foundation and the IKSS company company, whose help enables us to supply people under our care with food and household goods on a monthly basis in the Marfino and North Chertanovo districts, and to supply hot food to senior citizens living alone in the “Ramenki” district.