Citibank Volunteers Congratulate Veterans and Retirees on Victory Day

Moscow, May 8th. Citibank volunteers visited one of HOPE worldwide – Russia programs called “The Old Friends’ HOME”.

Citibank employees congratulated elderly people and veterans on the coming Victory Day. They also helped bring party baskets to those who were unable to or could not for various reasons come to the centre. It is not the first time the Old Friends’ Home has worked with Citibank volunteers. They regularly visit the elderly people and war veterans who require help, not only during holidays, but during the week as well, when care, attention, and comfort is much needed by these lonely, abandoned elderly people.

Tatiana Avramenko, the manager at ZAO Citibank responsible for their partnership with social organizations and head of the Volunteering Department said, “We are very happy that more than 30 bank employees participated in this worthy project. They spent their free time to help the elderly by travelling to the edge of Moscow on the eve of Victory Day. We should all remember the older generation’s great achievements and we should take care of the veterans and elderly accordingly”.