ANGELS OF HOPE – 2008. Friends By Your Side

At the end of 2007, our “Day of Hope” program gathered hundreds of volunteers once again in order to make the upcoming New Years celebrations unforgettable for the orphans, disabled children, children in the care of government institutions and in boarding schools, for needy families, and for a number of single pensioners and elderly citizens.

2007 was declared “The Year of the Child” in Moscow and saw the city government, Moscow city parliament, the press and the public, music and sport stars, and local and national businesses begin to take active roles in charity work together with HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru)

New Years parties were organized in 23 orphanages and boarding schools, and also at the “Road to Home” orphanage, the Speransky hospital, the kids’ club “City of Hope” as well as at the HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) Family Centre and the “Old Friends’ Home” for elderly pensioners and war veterans. We managed to bring the spirit of the holidays to these underprivileged individuals and were able to celebrate alongside 1,785 children and 170 elderly pensioners. This time parties were arranged not only inside the orphans’ schools and dormitories, but we were able to take some of the children outside of the government buildings to fun places for the parties.

Together with Danone Corp., which has been a constant and reliable partner in our charity projects for many years, we brought students from orphan boarding school № 110 to an entertainment and leisure centre where they were able to participate in festivities, take part in competitions for prizes, enjoy special attractions and play games. For the fist time in their lives the children had an opportunity to experience the attraction of their choice: to play video games in an arcade for free, to get thrilled on the roller-coasters and carousels, or to earn tokens and get them exchanged for New Years presents.

HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru), along with the assistance of Citibank and the Luxor Cinema Network held a party for students from orphanage № 82 inside the cinema, followed by the premier screening of a new movie. At the end there was a holiday feast and every child received a personal gift which the children had written about in letters to” Father Christmas” beforehand.

It was a very exciting atmosphere in the orphanages: over 150 volunteers visited the children, played with them, and organized exciting competitions, games and surprises for them. Volunteers did their best to encourage the children using their individual talents as well: by singing songs, dancing, and even painting pictures for them.

For the first time, opera singers from «Festa De Voce», which is a well known opera under the direction of Pavel Kalinin, came to one of the orphanages. The children held their breath during the singing performance, which greatly pleased the opera singers. Santa Claus also came, of course, to tell the children “Merry Christmas” and to give a gift to every child. It was a ton of fun.

Another tradition was organized for New Years in Speranskogo Hospital № 9. Thirty-five

children took part in the celebration, some of then with their parents. Most of the children

had spent many months in the hospital and hadn’t been able to go outside for many weeks. The

celebration was very special for them.

During the celebration at the hospital, children and some of their parents tried to solve

riddles, played games, and took part in hilarious competitions for prizes. And once again

Santa Claus came bearing greetings and gifts for the children, and the children had prepared

a concert for the happily surprised Santa. The celebration was fantastic and full of holiday

joy which greatly encouraged the children who had been hospitalized for so long. We wish

them to get well very soon.

In addition, HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) celebrated the New Year with 147 children from

poor families from the Marfino Town Council. This year several New Years celebrations in the

Kids’ Club were organized by HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) and the Marfino Town Council

together in order to meet needs of these poor citizens.

170 lonely pensioners from impoverished regions like Marfino, North Chertanovo and Mosfilm

also received special words of holiday cheer and presents.

As a result of the “Angels of HOPE 2008” event, we collected 292,065 rubles, which were used

to buy New Years presents for the children and to meet the real needs of impoverished

children and elderly in Moscow.

We would like to express many thanks to the «ИКСС» company, “Danone” company, Citibank,

«Легна» company, “Nestle” company, «Festa De Voce» theatre, MCOC, «Люксор» Cinema Network,

and to every single volunteer who took part in this special event and those who became active

members of the “Angels of HOPE 2008” team!