“Angels of Hope 2008”

Dear Friends,

New Year is coming! For the children approaches the long waited for celebration – New Year and Christmas. That is joyful time when we meet with friends and receive presents. New Years – that is family and warmth. That celebration we love and remember from childhood. At the entrance of that celebration we started the traditional action “Angels of Hope”. The purpose of that program is to collect presents for orphans, and dwellers in children’s home, orphanages in Moscow and lonely retirees.

It doesn’t take much for each of us to be able to give joy and gifts to make New Years special for the orphaned children who don’t have families to encourage them on this day.

Thanks to last year’s programs, 2000 children from the Moscow orphanages, 100 handicapped children, 80 hospitalized children, 230 lonely pensioners from Marfino, North Chertanovo, Ramenki and the Veteran’s Pension program, and 176 children from impoverished families will receive gifts and will be able to celebrate the holidays this New Years.
Many organizations gather gifts for children, but we want to make this celebration special for every individual by building long lasting friendships and memories.

We invite you to take part in our “Angel of HOPE” program, and to help make this New Years celebration unforgettable for the children and pensioners who are without their families this year.

If you wish you could donate money, with which we will get needed presents.

The cost of one present is 500 rubbles
(it’s $20).

You can find Essential Elements here.

Thank you in advance for your taking care of the orphans and lonely pensioners!