Awards on District Day

The Charitable Fund “HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru)” has won another award for the effectiveness of its social programs.

The annual awards ceremony celebrating the best people and best social organizations working in Moscow’s Marfino District took place in the Moscow Georgiev Military School assembly hall.

This annual tradition has been taking place for the last ten years.

Educational and district enterprise managers, the staff of the children’s hospital, the library staff and many others working for the betterment of society were rewarded for their efforts by Mikhael Burtsev, a Town Council Head who presented certificates and gifts to those being honored.

The Marfino Town Council awarded HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) work because of its social significance and effectiveness in providing help to children who are in difficult family situations, handicapped children, orphans, families with high-risk children, and lonely pensioners and war veterans living in the district. On a regular basis the Fund’s programs address the needs of about 1000 people.

Military school students prepared a festive program for the honorary guests. Cadets dressed in gala uniforms and young ladies in beautiful dresses danced a waltz and polonaise while a military choir sang songs. The evening ending with a ballad of old Cossack hymns.

The Charitable Fund HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) would like to express its gratitude and share this award with all the volunteers who helped take care of the needy in 2007 in Moscow’s Marfino District.