2-nd International Volunteer’s Day, Citibank-Russia

Congratulatory letter from the Bank’s President

On November 17th, together with the “HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru)” Charity Fund, the employees of Citibank-Russia and members of their families, led by President Mark Robinson under the motto “Because I care!”, chose this day to focus their efforts and take part in social projects to help children and lonely elderly people.

For the second year running, in conjunction with the HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru), Citibank volunteers have devoted their time to people who truly need their help and support. This year the number of volunteers increased, allowing them to meet and support even more people in need.

On November 17th, the volunteers split into groups and set out to different places. In boarding school No. 110, the bank volunteers had a very interesting and full day helping the children prepare their home for winter.

The Citibank volunteers and their President, Mark Robinson, arrived at boarding school No. 110 together with their own children and decorated the windows on every floor and in every room of the school alongside the hosts of the boarding school. After that the children put on a concert for the volunteers. Then the children who had had birthdays received congratulations and presents and finally a festive table was laid with various tasty treats and a cake full of candles.

Other Citibank volunteers visited orphanage No. 12 and took its children to the movies. But they didn’t take them to a usual cinema – they took them to a 3D cinema! The children were amazed by the movie. Afterwards, they visited a cafe and had a festive dinner together.

Another group of Citibank volunteers participated in our “Old Friends’ Home” program. They visited lonely elderly people to help them clean their homes, talk with them, and help make them feel like they are cared for.

Mark Robinson, Citi President, said: “We in every way encourage our employees to make personal contributions to the development of local communities. International Volunteer Day is a clear example of how our everyday work, charity, and voluntary contributions towards solutions for social problems make the world a better place. For the second year running our cooperation with “HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru)” has been producing positive effects and we are very happy with that. We are glad that this year the number of volunteers who participated in the International Volunteer Day all over the world amounted to 55 000 people – far more then in the previous year. In Russia over 300 employees of Citibank took part in different social programs.”

Throughout the year the Citibank employees are involved in voluntary activities. They visit “sponsored” orphanages, specialized medical centers, educational institutions and other similar organizations. International Volunteer Day is the culmination of the Citibank volunteers’ movement aimed at changing society for the better. 325 employees of Citi-Russia, their friends and family members, took part in this second International Volunteer Day for 2007. Volunteers supported 25 social projects in 7 cities in Russia. Direct help reached 950 people in Russia.

Here are the volunteers’ comments about International Volunteer Day:

“We had a wonderful time in the boarding house where we managed to work and have fun together with the children. The atmosphere and spirit of the event was fantastic. We were very lucky to have been there.”

Mark Robinson (President of Citi-Russia)

“I liked it very, very much. I wish there were more such events! Fantastic festive atmosphere! Apparently the children had been waiting for us. Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in such an event. It truly matters to me.”


“It was great that we managed to communicate with the children. I would take part in similar future events with great pleasure. I believe that it is important not only for the children but also for us who work a lot and sometimes forget about such ordinary human qualities as kindness and love.”


“I liked everything – the children, the school, the fact that they opened up a bit for us and we for them. Different worlds met and united! We had a very good time.”

Bardy & Joat

“It was an excellent event and best of all I liked that the children were able to choose an interesting place to go for themselves and we managed to implement that. I believe they will remember this for a long time.”


“I visited boarding school No. 110 for the first time. I met such nice, hospitable, friendly children and teachers there. I wish you all the best! Let all your dreams come true and may everything be ‘OK’.”

N. Tretyakova

“I liked it very much. I will surely come next time. It was a pleasure to help such nice children.”

Ekaterina Maskayeva.

“It is a remarkable school, wonderful children and an outstanding initiative – a chance to help and entertain those who need it very much.”


“I was happy to see the smiles of grateful children and the volunteers willing to sacrifice their time for the children.”

Oksana Kransopeyeva, Lena Troitskaya

“It was exciting and thrilling, and we should make these meetings regular so that all of us can receive the joy and comfort that this event brought us more often.”


“It was a great event!!! We need to hold such events more often.”

Danila Yakub

“Thank you very much for your hospitality, high spirits, happiness and the love in your eyes!”

Marina Kolesnikova

“The conclusion of the day: lonely elderly people need regular every day care. Their living conditions are poor. What we did was only a drop in the ocean.”

Andrei and Alla

“We are very glad that we managed to offer at least some help. This day is a very small part of a huge issue.”

Grateful words from the Elderly:

“Thank you for the attention, for your warmth and for such great service. Thank you for everything!”

Nina Gordeeva,

Valentina Klementieva

The pensioners of the “Old Friends’ Home” would like to thank the directors of HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) for your kindness. We meet with friends our age every Monday and today we want to thank the volunteers from Citibank for their help – for cleaning the apartments of our old and lonely pensioners. Thank you. May all your dreams come true and all the best to you: love, success and good health.

Pensioners of the “Old Friends’ Home”

See you next time!