Cheerful mood of a soccer tournament of “HOPE”

VTB Bank, a holder of the UEFA “CSKA” cup, the Physical Educational Center of the Moscow Educational Department, and HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) have united in order to organize a soccer tournament of “HOPE” during the Moscow 2007-2008 soccer championship for students from Moscow’s orphanages.

The purpose of the project is to aid the social adaptation of orphans and handicapped children through participation in sporting events outside of their orphanages, which helps these high-risk children to feel important and respected by other people and by society. The fun and inspirational event teaches children healthy social skills, gives them a love for sports and an appreciation of a healthy life style, and creates a memorable holiday to help meet these high-risk children’s needs.

The coordinated efforts of VTB, CSKA professional sport club, and HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) together with the Center of Physical Education of the Moscow Educational Department has allowed the scale of the tournament to be much wider and has given the children a chance to get out of the typically narrow and confined world of the orphanages.

32 teams of elementary and high school students will take part in the final which will be held on October 20 and 28. For the first time, five teams of graduates aged 18-21 will play in the tournament, which is great chance for them to finally show their more developed talents.

A group of professional judges will referee the tournament. Also, CSKA will provide equipment and playing fields for the tournament final. During the tournament the most talented players will be chosen and winners will have a chance to visit the home office of the holder of the UEFA CSKA cup and meet and train with some of their favorite sport stars.

Awards will be given to the winning teams in a festive celebration during the CSKA-SPARTAK (Nalchiki) Russian Cup Match on October, 31.

No one will leave without a present thanks to VTB Bank’s prize fund. Every participant who plays in the tournament will receive a special gift.

The opportunity to play on professional soccer fields used by the professional soccer club CSKA, and the opportunity to show off their talents, to personally meet some of their favorite sport stars, and to receive great gifts will be a fantastic stimulus for these high-risk children to grow and succeed in sports, school, and in their future lives.