HOPE Day for Orphans and Handicapped Children

On May 31 HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk and the Danone Company organized a HOPE Day for 1100 orphans and handicapped children from 15 orphanages in Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk Region, to celebrate the end of the school year. Two hundred volunteers for HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk met with children in their orphanages to spend the whole day together: including fellowship, a festive program and presents. One of volunteer groups took a bus and went to a regional orphanage where 206 disabled children were waiting for them. The children were so excited that they met the volunteers at the door!

In orphanage 7 the children prepared a surprise: a huge concert for our volunteers. In the orphanage 6 volunteers spent the whole graduation holiday together with the children. Each graduate received a present, and the younger children received gifts and sweets as well. All of the children were very happy. In a Siberian military school, volunteers played tennis and soccer together with the children. This festive program was also organized in a regional orphanage for different ages: the youngest children drew pictures on asphalt, the older children had funny competitions and the oldest children played soccer.

Of course, each child received some tasty yogurt from Danone – General Partner in addition to the presents.

Children share:

Lena, 13 years old: «Thank you for the gifts and holiday you made for us. It’s great to meet friends again and spend fun time together».

Olya, 10 years old: «I got really great presents and played interesting games, and also I met new friends».

Administration shares:

Rozhkova, director of “СКК”:
«I thank HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk very much. Thanks to you all the children received gifts and met volunteers who are always welcome here».

Kirianova, director’s assistant at orphanage №7:
«We are very grateful to HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk for the holiday, which was made by them for the children».

Meliksetova, director of a regional orphanage:
«Thank you for talking care of our children. When I came here all the children told me about HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk who came and gave them many different presents. Volunteers from HOPE worldwide are friends of the children and are always welcome».

Pershechkina, director’s assistant at the orphanage for mentally disabled children:
«All our administration is sincerely grateful to HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk for organizing and running the HOPE Day program. You gave joy to the children».

Several orphanages met HOPE worldwide volunteers for the first time, but they bonded very quickly: after 5-10 minutes of fellowship they felt like old friends. At the end children asked, «When will you come next time?»

Volunteers share:

Sergey Masleev:
«I have never participated in HOPE programs before, but after visiting one of the orphanages I understood how many children need care and love. I will always take part in the programs from now on».

Andrey Astrakhantsev: «I didn’t plan to take part in the program. I was asked to bring gifts to the orphanage for the children. But when I came and saw how children were waiting for us I understood that coming here was best thing I could do today. I personally received a lot of joy and could give part of my love and life».

Olga Timakina: «It is so great that I spent the whole day in fellowship with the children».

HOPE worldwide – Novosibirsk expresses deep gratitude to all volunteers who participated in these programs.

Many thanks to Danone – our stable Partner in HOPE programs

We are also grateful to «Voskhod» bakery, and to «New Electronic company»!

We made this great holiday together!