Angels of HOPE – Heart to Heart

We concluded 2006 with a HOPE DAY program and volunteers from HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) warmed the orphans’ hearts once.

This year has been very encouraging as the Angels of HOPE team grew and more and more volunteers came forward and shared not only money, but time and fellowship with the children in need of guidance and role models for their lives.

The purpose of the program is to build good relationships between volunteers from HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) and children from Moscow orphanages. Volunteers build relationships with the children to help them deal with difficulties in life and to adopt smoothly into society after graduating from the orphanages.

This year HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) also created special cards in order to give people more opportunities to build relationships with the children. Volunteers wrote to the orphans in addition to visiting them. As a result, over 2000 volunteers from Danone, Citigroup, MCOC, Ancor, Jasmine studio, Everything Soccer Magazine, singer Vlad Topalov, and many others took part in the program.

Our 2006 New Years Party was organized in conjunction with 25 Moscow orphanages. It was a huge success and the children were able to spend a lot of quality time with the volunteers that they have been building relationships with for the last several years.

Our New Years Party was filled with competitions, games, and surprises, and the children, teachers, and volunteers enjoyed the holiday immensely. It was very special for the children to receive not only a gift, but a card during the party. The joy on their faces was obvious as they read Christmas wishes from their friends.
Time flies during the holidays, but now that it’s 2007 we have a whole year to build new friendships and have fellowship before next Christmas.
Also, HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) celebrated the holiday with handicapped children from various rehabilitation centers, the Speranskogo Hospital, the 1st City Hospital, children from the Dolgoprudy Social Center and lonely pensioners and veterans of World War II.

Detailed report is here.

360,300 rubles were donated to HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) during the program. This money will be spent for gifts and for meeting the orphans’ basic needs.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who took part in this program and to everyone who became a member of the “Angels of HOPE 2007” team!