HOPE worldwide – Moscow and Danone Keep Working Together

Danone’s Social Committee and HOPE worldwide – Moscow continue to develop social programs in Moscow orphanages.

Our new social programs follow two directions:
long-term action plans and one-time events.

Within long-term action plans there are programs like computer class, English class in orphanage № 6 and a technical class in orphanage № 110.

Included in out one-time action plans there are:

  • Excursions for children from orphanages № 100 and № 6 to the Danone factory in Chekhov city;

  • Holding New Years Holidays together with Danone staff;

  • Computer Class Graduation party for children from orphanage № 6;

Every Danone staff member is now able to take part in a monthly HOPE program and spend time with the children, which helps the children become more social and gives the adults a wonderful experience with the children.

HOPE worldwide – Moscow and Danone Company are trying to make these programs as productive as possible.
An atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm always fills our classes.

Excursions to the Danone Factory in Chekhov city’s, which were during the whole week, had an incredible impact on the children. They saw a film about bacteria, had a special Danone lunch, tried different yogurts, and heard a story about the technology of making yogurt. After the trip the children couldn’t stop telling everyone about their interesting trip.

One of biggest needs of children from Moscow orphanages is social adaptation. That’s why this action was organized, in order to help children in choosing their future professions and to adapt to the society we all live in after they graduate from the orphanages.