“Citigroup Conducts Their First “International Volunteers Day”

40,000 members of Citigroup from 100 countries took part in 700 simultaneous events this November 18th.

Citigroup’s volunteers together with HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) traveled to orphanage № 110 to meet real orphans’ needs and to spend time with the children.

It was a very productive day: volunteers from Citigroup and HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) painted the sports hall, did some repair work, helped fix clothes, organized drawing classes and karaoke classes for the children who enjoy singing. In the end, everyone was invited to a big birthday party, which has been held by HOPE worldwide-Russia (Nadezhda po vsemu miru) every month to encourage every child personally on his or her birthday. This time food, cakes and of course gifts filled the atmosphere with joy and fun.

As a result, everyone had an incredible time and the children and volunteers became great friends!

Mark Robinson, “Citibank” President, a head of Regional subdivisions in UIC mentioned: “Leading positions in international and local markets brings responsibility for the society we live in.
We took this responsibility and made a decision that we will do our best to change society for the good of those cities where we have our corporation. International Volunteers Day is a demonstration of this.”

“It is difficult to be an angel… But sometimes, it’s worth a try!”

New Year, a long-awaited Holiday for many people, is finally coming! This is a wonderful time when we can spend time with friends and give and receive presents. New Year is a family holiday. It is a holiday, we have loved since childhood.
This New Year’s Eve HOPE worldwide – Moscow is holding an “Angels of HOPE” event.

The purpose of this event is to collect funds and create a holiday for orphans and lonely pensioners.
It doesn’t take much for each of us to show concern giving joy, presents and making the New Year Celebration real for these children, who have no families!

About 3500 orphans, handicapped children and pensioners will have a wonderful New Year’s Holiday with presents thanks to this event in 2005.

Many generous organizations are gathering presents for the orphans. We want to make this holiday more personal and give every child the feeling that he has a friend who is thinking of him during the New Years. Volunteers of HOPE worldwide – Moscow wrote many warm, sincere notes to the orphans in cards that were specially prepared for this day. Every child will receive not only a gift, but a special card, which will all be a part of special games they will play for their New Years Celebration.

We invite you to take part in this “Angels of HOPE” event and make this Holiday unforgettable for the orphans and pensioners, who are not able to spend this Holiday with family.

You can send your donations using our Charity’s accounts info.

The cost of a present is 3000 rubles.

Here you can print accounts information

Thank you for taking care of an orphan!

Vlad Topalov Gives Away 1000 Tickets To New His Concert

Vlad Topalov donated 1000 concert tickets to HOPE worldwide-Moscow, as part of the “Angels of HOPE” program.

1000 concert tickets were delivered to children from many Moscow orphanages and to many of the volunteers who are actively participate in the charitable programs.

Vlad Topalov and HOPE worldwide-Moscow have been working together to help orphans for the last several years. Vlad is a yearly guest at the annual Children’s Sports Festival in Luzhniki stadium, where over 5000 children from Moscow orphanages gather together each year. In addition, Vlad personally visits orphanages not only in Moscow, but in other cities as well to spend time with the children.

One such meeting organized by HOPE worldwide-Moscow took place in Kiev, Ukraine in Orphanage #3 at the end of October. In spite of busy schedule, Vlad devoted several hours to talking to Ukrainian orphans, who gave Vlad a tour of the orphanage. In the end everyone enjoyed a game of basketball, which was great fun for everyone.

No one can argue that: “…It is difficult to be an angel…”
But sometimes, it’s worth a try!

Join us!

Here, you can print receipt of necessary documents.