The Marfino Town Council Honors HOPE worldwide – Moscow

The 2nd Annual Marfino Town Council Awards Ceremony combined with the “Region’s Day” celebration took place on September 19th. Directors of educational and social institutions, nearby factories, and various social and non-profit organizations gathered together for the celebration.

Aleksandr Krutov, a deputy of the Moscow City Council, came to congratulate all the guests. ”Honorary Freeman” medals were presented by Burtsev M.M., one of the chairmen of the “Marfino” Town Council.

HOPE worldwide – Moscow was awarded special prize for its active participation in the region’s social life. The Town Council’s head pointed to its successful longstanding cooperation with HOPE woridwide – Moscow in the region. HOPE worldwide – Moscow runs various programs that take care of needy children, families, the elderly and veterans in the region. The programs bring impoverished people not only food and supplies, but compassion and love, which are so valuable for common citizens to feel during times of need.

The HOPE worldwide – Moscow was met with great praise by the Town Councils, which encouraged the staff to keep up their efforts in taking care of these often neglected people.

Vladimir Krestovsky ”…share your joy with each other…”

On September 1st, the beginning of the new school year, “HOPE worldwide – Moscow” organized a meeting in which school children and orphans could spend some quality time with Vladimir Krestovsky, the singer/soloist of the famous Russian band UMA2RMAH.

Vladimir visited orphanage #15, and although he had some difficulties with his vocal chords, he congratulated first grade children and all attending students on the start of their school year.

Vladimir was met with a great joy and enthusiasm by the children, many of whom had never seen a famous Russian artist in person before. During the celebration of the children’s initiation into the first
grade, Vladimir grabbed his guitar, played out some melodies and arrived on the scene singing the well known song of Leopold the cat “…share your joy with each other making laughter louder, singing together is fun and everything else is boring…”

Vladimir knows that children love to celebrate since he has three daughters of his own, the youngest of which was born not long ago, and we congratulate him on such a wonderful occasion. He wished all the children good fortune in their studies and once more congratulated everyone on their entrance into the 1st grade. In return he received thunderous applause and a huge round of joyous shouts from the children. Vladimir then enjoyed a time of fellowship with the children, signing autographs and taking pictures with those present.

There was also an unplanned meeting with Sergey Rychenkov, a young new artist who recently played “Tyapa” in the Russian film “Svolochi”. Sergey and his friends showed Vladimir their rooms, also shared about their lives and plans for the future.

Similar meetings with school children and orphans have become traditional for Vladimir as each year he and his brother Sergey have taken part in the annual HOPE Sports Festival. It’s the biggest charity event in Russia, with over 5000 orphans participating in sports related activities.

“I want to do everything I can for who those who really need help and support. It’s not difficult for me, but for the children. I understand it’s important for them to receive sincere and personal attention”, said Vladimir during the event.
The new school year is before us. What can make it a happy experience for the children? Of course the answer is love: love for those around us, and love like in the song of Leopold the cat:

«…if you are kind, then everything is easy,
otherwise, things are tough…»

Hello, school! For the first time in 1st Grade!

On September 1st of this year, thousands of children in Moscow started to attend a real school for the first time. HOPE worldwide – Moscow and the Moscow Department of Education have organized an annual celebration called “Hello School” for the orphans who are also starting school for the first time. The event took place at orphanage №15.

On that day government officials visited the children, including: the Deputy Director of the Moscow Department of Education: Vladimir Razdin, and the Official Representative of Children’s Rights in Moscow: Alexei Golovan’.

230 orphaned children from 26 Moscow orphanages got together to celebrate this moment of entering the 1st grade and they received many gifts to help them on their first day of school, like new backpacks, books, markers, toys and many other special presents.

Outside the orphanage, dinosaur DINO and other fairytale creatures welcomed the children and invited them to take rides on a majestic horse. Inside a circus show was prepared by professional performers who made children laugh with glee.

Professional singer Diana Gurtskaya came to sing some songs for children as well.
She understands what it means to lack something important in life and how to work hard to still accomplish your goals. It was very meaningful for the children to hear from her.

Vladimir Krestovsky from the band UMA2RMAH also visited children, and even though he had some problems with his voice, he still sang from his heart for the kids, singing songs from popular Russian cartoons. The children were so exited that many of them ran on stage and started dancing spontaneously. He took lots of pictures and signed dozens of cards for the


We didn’t just encourage orphans on that day: 135 handicapped children who started school for the first time also received gifts from HOPE worldwide – Moscow.

We would like to say “Thank You” to DANONE Company and to everyone who helped organize this celebration for these children, for those who have brought so much joy and love into their lives.