HOPE Unifies Generations

On the eve of Victory Day, the HOPE Old Friends’ Home organized a holiday for the elderly and for veterans of World War II.

Festive tea-drinking, party favors, bingo, gifts and prizes created a fiery atmosphere in the Old Friends’ Home last Victory Day. And there was an added surprise: a trip to one of the orphanages that HOPE supports. Three buses brought everyone to the orphanage, where the children prepared a wonderful concert devoted to the veterans of Victory Day. Children recited poetry, danced and sang songs about the war. The veterans joined in the singing and all were touched to see tears on the veterans’ cheeks.

At the end of the presentation we held a moment of silence in memory of those veterans who didn’t survive the war.
After the concert the children and veterans had a great time of fellowship together, during which two vastly different generations were drawn inexorably together.