Annual report 2005

Dear Friends,

Your support for our efforts in 2005 has allowed us to carry out incredible events this year, including the Day of Hope, The HOPE Children’s Sports Festival, the HOPE “Old Friends Home”, the Kids’ Club “City of Hope”, and the HOPE Family Center. These programs serve orphans, lonely retirees, and poor families by helping them through critical times in their lives. HOPE’s volunteers surround them with love and understanding, help them build strong relationships within the community, and help them adapt to the society around them. Because of the generosity of our supporters, HOPE worldwide – Russia brought hope and change to thousands of lives in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Kiev, Vilnius, and Tbilisi this year.

Thanks to voluntary financial sacrifices of our donors, the regular participation of volunteers, and our close friendships with co-workers and Partners, in 2005 we accomplished the following:

In Moscow:

  • Volunteers presented gifts to over 2,700 orphans, plus 234 lonely retirees and veterans from “Marfino”, “Northern Chertanovo, and “Ramenky”, and more than 460 children from dysfunctional families, invalids, and high-risk teenagers participated in programs at the Family Center and Kids’ Club “City of Hope” during our annual “Day of HOPE”.

  • Volunteers celebrated orphans’ birthdays in 27 orphanages on the “Day of HOPE”.
  • The annual Children’s Sports Festival of Hope was held in the Luzhniky Olympic complex. 5,000 children from 110 children’s homes, school-orphanages and special schools from Moscow and the surrounding areas participated, including for the first time, orphans and volunteers from the Rostov-on-Don.
  • The “Stars for Children” program began, which gave children from orphanages, children’s homes, and dysfunctional families a chance to meet famous Russian performers.
  • Computer classes opened in three new Moscow orphanages.
  • The Old Friends Home distributed food and homecare supplies for 120 needy retirees and veterans in the “Marfino” district twice a month.
  • HOPE distributed food to 35 needy retirees in “Northern Chertanovo” twice a month.
  • HOPE gave hot meals to 40 needy retirees in “Ramenky” every day.
  • HOPE’s “Care” program gave over 615,000 rubles in financial aid to 134 needy individuals.

In St. Petersburg

  • Volunteers celebrated birthdays and New Years by giving gifts to over 250 children from children’s homes and orphanages during the annual “Day of Hope”.

  • HOPE’s “Care” program gave over 80,000 rubles in financial aid to 43 needy individuals.

In Rostov-on-Don

  • Volunteers celebrated birthdays and New Years by giving gifts to 50 orphans during the annual “Day of Hope”.

  • Volunteers provided monthly help and support to 25 retirees and invalids using voluntary donations.

In Novosibirsk

  • Volunteers celebrated birthdays and New Years by giving gifts to 500 orphans during the annual “Day of Hope”.
  • HOPE opened a new “Old Friends Home” social club, which rendered services to over 50 lonely and needy veterans and pensioners.

In Kiev

  • HOPE’s “Life for Life” blood-donation program provided urgent medical aid to 160 children suffering from Hemophilia, Leukemia and other serious illnesses which require large donations of blood. Over the course of the year over 200 volunteers donated blood.
  • Volunteers celebrated the birthdays of more than 800 orphans, mentally retarded children, and blind children during our annual “Day of Hope”.

In Vilnius

  • Volunteers helped deliver food to 60 needy retirees.

In Tbilisi

  • Volunteers celebrated the annual “Day of Hope” with poor and needy children in Tbilisi and with impoverished children in nearby villages.

    We would like to thank everyone who donated money, strength, and time, and those who continue to personally help the poor and needy this year. From all our heart we hope that your year will be filled with love, joy and peace. We wish you great success in your professional and personal life, just as your support has given us great success in our efforts to serve thousands of the poor and needy throughout Russia this year. May even greater things be in store for 2006!

    HOPE worldwide – Russia