“Angels of Hope” in the Children’s Hospital G.N. Speransky

On the 21st of December, in the framework of the New Year event “Angels of Hope”, the Charitable fund Hope worldwide organized a New Year celebration for 60 children in the city hospital G.N. Speransky.

It was an unexpected surprise for the children which became a meeting with Grandfather of Frost (Santa Clause) and a cheerful clown, which came to them in the Hospital, so as to lift up the mood and to wish everyone with a Happy New Year.

The children and parents were not simply passive audience, but they themselves took part in the events, received prizes and unusual satisfaction from the process. At the conclusion the children received tasty New Years presents and games from “Angels of Hope” and what is more, every child received warm support and medical care, which is important for them.

Children! We wish you Happy Holidays! And we wish a quick recovery!