Stars for children

In 2005 HOPE worldwide – Moscow started the new program “Stars for children”. The goal is to invite professional
Russian singers, movie stars, actors who would come and spend time with the orphans during the year.

It was so exciting for children to spend time with the famous Russian singer “Paskal” who came to one of the
orphanage with the special program. Children were listened “Paskal’s” favorite songs they usually watch on TV,
kids were taking pictures and receiving presents from him as CDs and posters with his signature. The singer
visited the orphanage for the first time in his life. He was so touched that he decided to organize this year
a special charitable concert for orphaned children and to invite to this concert all other Russian pop-stars.

In end of the year 2005, as always HOPE worldwide – Eurasia will organize a special New Year program to encourage 2,700 orphans from 27 different Moscow orphanages. We remember how all the children are looking at the window couple hours before the program and how they are so exited when the volunteers finally come to the orphanage. All 2,700 children will receive the New Year presents from 27 different Santas. They all will have lots of fun participating in different Christmas contests and dancing with Santa.