The first Sports Festival for children in Rostov-on-the-Don!

The first Sports Festival of HOPE worldwide for children in Rostov-on-the-Don was held on the 1st of
June 2003. It was held on Sunday, on the Children’s Day in one of the central parks of Rostov.
120 volunteers of HOPE worldwide gave their hearts to arrange an incredible holiday for 250 orphans
and kids from poor families of Kirovskiy district of Rostov. Volunteers carried out different contests
kids to define who is the strongest, the quickest, the most talented, the most happy. Almost 30 pensioners,
who live in Kirovskiy district of Rostov, took part in the event as well as many spectators who came to
see the event.

The Sports Festival was held under patronage of Kirovskyi district administration. The deputy of the
head of the administration supported by businessmen, politicians and journalists made a warm welcome
speech to children, organizers of the Festival, spectators and opened a solemn parade of participants.

Organization of the Sports Festival was very serious and included: accreditation, the blare of the
trumpets, teams parade, contests, competitions, marks, strict jury, diplomas of various levels, prizes,
award ceremony, tough struggle. There were lots of funny and unexpected entertainments: games and
contests based on fairy-tales, a real puppet-show, fireworks, performances by mature and young actors,
fresh rolls, sea of soda and ice-cream, outstanding discotheque and rap-greetings, huge funny dolls
dancing with kids.

It seemed as all the world helped to arrange the Sports Festival. HOPE worldwide brand is now known
to many companies: Pepsi-Cola, Bee-line – GSM, Manufacture in Donetsk, Reson, Granit-Inshoat,
Ростов & Rostov, Avvinks, Morros, Dom, Karavai and a lot of private businessmen. The Sports Festival
was widely covered in mass media – on the TV-channel 38, on the radio-7 “On the 7 hills”, in the
“Future TV” magazine, in “Our time” newspaper and electronic newspaper “Afisha in the net”.

What was the most important criteria of success? Joy, of course! Joy of every
child! It could be easily seen! We are happy either – now we’ve got our own HOPE Sports Festival.
Volunteers: we became different people after the Festival. How different? We
became better!
The director of the city charity fund “Rostov”: the Festival
shines with the smiles of children and volunteers.
A representative of ad agency “Reson”:
the friendly and joyful atmosphere of the Festival impressed us and we want to proceed
supporting HOPE worldwide.
Private businessman: I’m ready to bring a fridge full
of ice cream for such a festival.
Deputy of the head of the city administration:
the Sports Festival needs a real stadium or arena. This is to happen in 2004!
Representatives of the district councils of Rostov:
it’s such a pity that the next Sports
Festival will only be in a year. That’s too long to wait.
Parents and children of Kirovskiy
we want to be at all HOPE worldwide festivals. Pensioners of the district:
we feel incredibly good, not even tired. Now we’ve got a lot of friends – old and young.
Children from orphanages: when we grow up, we will become volunteers for HOPE

Citizens who wandered in the city on the Sunday morning and heard the sounds of music in the park
couldn’t stop themselves from entering the park to figure out ‘what’s goin’ on’. What they say were
happy faces of the children who were running, jumping, dancing, eating ice cream in T-shirts of all
colors. Who would leave such a place, so all citizens lingered here……for 7 hours!!! In the end they
asked volunteers: “What did you popularize here?” “What?” – we asked – “HOPE!!!”