The “Heart of the year” award

On the 10th of December 2001 the annual award “Heart of the year” was presented for the first time.
The award is presented by Anita Tsoy’s Charitable Fund. Chairman of the board of directors of HOPE
worldwide – Moscow, Shawn Wooten became one of the laureates.

This reward was presented to five people including important government officials. The “Heart of the Year”
award goes to individuals for; “contribution in the international partnership directed to strengthen
the mutual understanding, trusting and friendship between countries and people; for leadership in the
international social movement directed to improve the quality of life; for observance of the principles of
the rights and possibilities equality in the international community”. The ceremony took place in the
building of the Moscow City Administration.

At the press conference after the award ceremony, Shawn Wooten thanked the
Moscow Administration
for their cooperation. Shawn Wooten said that the volunteers are the heart of
the HOPE worldwide – Moscow; they sacrifice their time, and give of their hearts to serve the needy.
He thanked all of the volunteers come from and he noted that in the last year 3000 volunteers have
participated in different projects headed by the foundation. In 2001 volunteers sacrificed 50,000 hours
to participate in different projects. More than 16 000 children and more than 1000 veterans and invalids
were provided with welfare, paid attention to, and taken care of by the HOPE worldwide staff and volunteers.

“It’s my dream,” said Shawn Wooten, “for every man in Moscow and Russia to become a volunteer – a person
who decided to have compassion for the people around him”. He carried on to say that one day Moscow will
not only become a great city but also great family, if every person learns to care about his neighbors.