By helping your neighbor you help people

Here is an example of how helping others enable others to help themselves and in turn others again.
Sasha is 18. He graduated subsidiary orphanage-school in Kiev in 2000, where he had been studying for 7
years. His father left the family when he was a small boy and his mother is sick with schizophrenia and
spends most of her time in a psychiatric hospital. Sasha also has two younger brothers who both live
and study in the orphanage.

Sasha is a calm, kind and friendly person. He is very good at painting and he dreams about becoming
an artist. When Sasha graduated from the orphanage school he had taken classes in cabinet-making and
wood painting.

It has already been seven years since Sasha became a friend with the HOPE worldwide – Kiev staff
and volunteers. He takes an active part in the “Happy Birthday” programs of HOPE worldwide -Kiev.
The foundation’s staff continued their friendly relations with the young man after he graduated from the
orphanage, caring about his life, providing him with welfare, clothes, and coming to his Birthday.
Today Sasha is an active volunteer of HOPE worldwide -Kiev: he is giving his best in two programs –
“Happy Birthday” and “Graduate’s Party”. Some time ago he also gave blood for orphans in the “Donor’s Day”